Meerkat Agenda LLC

Toward better kink communities

Meerkat Agenda is a Seattle-based organization dedicated to helping kink communities grow into their full potential. We develop practical solutions to the real-world problems faced by many organizations and communities, focusing on three areas:


Education has a powerful influence on kink culture. Good instructors build healthy communities, but toxic instructors cause far-reaching harm. We support ethical instructors and work to remove predators from positions of influence and power.

Consent culture

As individuals, many kinksters have leveled up their consent practices over the last few years. Our organizations, however, often struggle to keep up. We develop tools and best practices to help organizations effectively navigate this complex terrain and implement their consent values.

Civic culture

Like many small and under-resourced subcommunities, the kink world often struggles with poor leadership, ineffective organizations, and frequently-toxic online culture. Our people deserve better. We work to build better models of community and support organizations in implementing those models.

Rope in Seattle

Rope in Seattle is a curated guide to bondage classes, parties, and rope jams. It promotes ethical instructors and organizers and makes it easier to avoid problematic classes and events.


KEMS (Kink Education Minimum Standards) is a set of ethical standards for kink instructors.

Watch this space

We’ll be rolling out a couple of new initiatives over the course of 2023.

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